Thursday, November 29, 2012

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Online day Loans for folks with unhealthy Credit History

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Comparing insurance Quotes on-line

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Maintenance and Relapse Prevention in Chemical Dependency Treatment

Substance abuse treatment professionals should provide clients with the knowledge, strategies, and strength to continue recovery after treatment ceases. Clients will have a comparatively short time in treatment to plan the rest of their lives. Understanding the client's goals should be the counselor's primary goal. Long-term success will be dependent upon the client's desire to stay healthy, but relapse prevention techniques, especially early on, can be beneficial. This paper will analyze relapse prevention techniques that can be employed to promote long-term recovery in clients.

Relapse prevention is primarily skills counselors can teach their clients to prevent the return of addictive behaviors. Relapse and recovery should be defined by the client, and appropriate strategies should be congruent with the client's goals. High-risk situations (HRS) are important for the client and counselor to identify. HRS are situations where there is a posed threat to the client's recovery (Capuzzi & Stauffer, 2008). For example, high-risk situations may be a particular event, a group of friends, or even a time of day. The client should identify the situation, the associated thought, the resulting emotion, and an action plan to prevent relapse. Most relapse events are associated with three kinds of high-risk situations including frustration and anger, interpersonal temptation, or social pressure (Capuzzi & Stauffer, 2008). Relapse Prevention Therapy (RPT) is a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy which helps the client identify HRS, develop coping strategies, strengthen self-efficacy, and address complex issues related to the emotions that may lead to relapse in spite of skills the client may have. It is important for the counselor to recognize if "coping deficits are a result of lack of knowledge and skills or if adequate coping skills are being interfered with by factors such as low motivation, low self-efficacy, or anxiety" (Marlatt & Parks, 2002, p. 12).

Another important element of relapse prevention is the establishment of a support system. Support systems may include family, friends, self-help groups, church, or healthcare professionals. A support system is critical to preventing relapse, and must be established before treatment ends (Capuzzi & Stauffer, 2008). Clients should list who these people are, and what types of support each provides. For example, a client may have specific friends that will help with recreational activities, certain loved ones who are comforting, and a counselor who can help when issues arise. Clients should also be reassured that counseling options will remain available. Chemical dependency treatment alone will not result in the resolution of a lifelong list of complex issues. Continued individual therapy may be indicated in these clients.

In conclusion, the end of treatment can be a trying time for clients. It is important counselors have prepared clients for the complicated transition back into the real world. Identifying high-risk situations and creating coping strategies for these scenarios can be beneficial. In addition, the establishment of a support system is imperative. Treatment outcomes may heavily depend on a strong network of family, friends, and professionals. Preventing relapse in a client that wants to return to addictive behaviors is impossible. However, assuming, they survive, what the client learns from a relapse can be invaluable to their future recovery.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Facebook Is Useless for Business - Isn't It?

Facebook is useless for business - that's what "everyone" says isn't it? Yes, everywhere you go in business circles these days you can find any number of people who tell you not to waste your time trying to do business on Facebook. It is great for big brands, they'll tell you, but it cannot help small or medium sized businesses very much, particularly those in the "business to business" arena. People around the individuals saying this nod sagely in agreement.

Similarly, when you go to business networking events you can find several people who all agree that Twitter is a waste of time for business. It's all about people saying they're eating jam sandwiches, they say. And besides, no-one I know of has made any money from it, they all agree.

Popular wisdom it's called. And it doesn't just apply to social networks.

For instance, there is plenty of material written in books and online about "left brain" and "right brain", explaining how each side of the brain is devoted to specific kinds of functions making one side of your brain creative and the other logical. Indeed, you will often hear people talking of others as being "so left-brained". It all seems to make sense, of course, apart from the fact that there is no real evidence to support this notion.

Then you hear people say that 83% of all communication is "non-verbal" citing "research" which proves it. Except that there was no such research and even the person quoted as providing the research has said several times it is not true. Even so, people still believe it.

The "facts" that you know about the business use of Twitter and Facebook, the notion of being left or right-brained and the "proof" that most communication is non-verbal are all the same things - misinformation.

The real problem is, we start to believe it. New research from Australian psychologists shows why this happens. It turns out that it is all to do with "cognitive effort". When "everyone" around us appears to believe in something - such as Twitter is only about jam sandwiches - then it takes less mental effort to agree than it does to disagree. Humans are primed to do things which take the least effort because that helps survival. So, when it comes to mental tasks like deciding whether or not we agree with something we opt for the least difficult thing.

The problem is worsened it seems when the people who tell us these so-called "facts" are people we like and trust, such as our friends. When they appear to believe in the "fact" that Facebook is no good for business, then we'll tend to agree too - it requires even more cognitive effort to disagree with your friends and people you trust. Hence we shy away from it.

So, how can you correct misinformation and get people to start understanding the real truth?

The answer it seems is to avoid referring to the misinformation itself, but instead to focus on just stating the real facts in brief. So here are some facts:

Facebook can help your business make more money
Twitter has been responsible for several businesses improving their profitability

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Slip - Freudian Slip

A Freudian slip is a verbal or memory mistake that is believed to be linked to the unconscious mind.

Example 1: A man calls his wife by the name of his mistress. 
Example 2: A person calls his wife "mom" because he subconsciously thinks of her like his mom. 
Example 3: A person expecting a dinner guest with a large nose reminds himself to avoid making any reference to noses at dinner. Then dinner comes and he says "Pass the nose" instead of "Pass the salt".

(Warning: All slips are not Freudian, and to interpret all slips as Freudian is not recommended.)

According to the theory of Sigmund Freud, people have many subconscious wishes, feelings and desires, which they have suppressed so that they are not consciously aware of them or are not willing to think of them at the present time. However, people sometimes make mistakes, called "Freudian slips" which reveal their subconscious thoughts. In a wider sense, "Freudian slip" is used to refer to any mistake in speech which reveals feelings or thoughts a person does not want to reveal.

The term is popularly used today in a humorous way when a person makes a mistake in speech. In these situations, observers often suggest (in a comic way) that the mistake reveals some type of hidden emotion on the part of the speaker.

Sigmund Freud Theory

Known as the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud developed a theory of the mind which contains three levels of awareness: the conscious, the preconscious, and the super conscious. According to his theory, the human mind is like an iceberg. The conscious part of the brain is just the small tip which is easily visible (accessible). The other two parts remain hidden below the surface.

In addition to the three levels of awareness, there are 3 components of personality: the id, the ego, and the superego. The id is the primitive part of the mind; it is irrational, emotional, child-like, and seeks self-gratification. The superego is the moral compass. The conscious, a subsystem of the superego, is constantly aware of right and wrong. For a child, this consists of everything he thinks mom and dad will disapprove of or punish. The ego, the rational part of the brain, compromises between these two opposing forces. "The conflict between the Id and Superego, negotiated by the Ego, is one of the fundamental psychological battles all people face."

In order to deal with this constant internal conflict, Freud believed that defense mechanisms were created to protect one's self. One of these methods is repression, where intense emotions, too difficult to deal with in the conscious awareness, are repressed into the subconscious. It's like our unconscious mind is a door to our conscious brain and the two meet during our dreams.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Egyptian Hypnosis: Imhotep and Ancient Hypnotism

There's actually proof linking back straight to Imhotep, so basically Hypnosis has roots older than 5000 years in the past. But who is this Imhotep guy? Well, Imhotep is the builder of the pyramids. He was actually a priest and had the reputation of a magician. Perceived to be the go to guy in regards to science and magic (they were intertwined back then) the pharaoh gave Imhotep the task of building the greatest pyramids in the world, and so he did. Imhotep knew his stuff. Can't argue with that, the guy had some leadership and knowledge in that elongated skull of his!

Hypnosis and the Pyramids

Egyptians used healing sanctuaries to heal people, mental illnesses, what we would class today as psychological problems. Those healing places were called "Sleep Temples." Imhotep owned multiple such sleep temples, in which he performed hypnosis. They didn't call it that back then, but nevertheless, that's what is was. You see, the subconscious mind has always existed, even though we only discovered it recently and some will have you believe that it doesn't exist. In these temples, the sick person was induces into a sleep like trance; priests then tried to make sense of the person's dreams in order to find out more about the illnesses and to find a potential cure for it.

Must of be a heck of a sight to see "patients" coming into these temples, these catacombs, and being introduced to, what was perceived back then, magic. That's what the normal folks thought of hypnosis, that's why only priests and priestesses knew the secrets.

These hypnosis secrets were handed down and taught only to the selected disciples, which had to go through years of apprenticeship to become practitioners, or priests as it were. Then these selected few could attend and help the main priest with the induction.

Egyptians relied heavily on scents and perfumes for their induction techniques. They would do these hypnotic inductions in isolated rooms, with no windows, so the scents didn't escape the room and the "patient" had to sniff up everything.

Once the person was ready, usually 3-5 minutes, the chanting and humming would begin, creating a religious feeling inside the chamber, which mixed with the scent and the figure of authority (the priest) would cause the subject to fall into a deep trance. With their eyes closed, people would then listen to the voice of the priest and follow his instructions, which usually were commands to narrate the dreams that particular person had.